a DVD player for Linux and the DXR3 (aka Hollywood+) board


dxr3Player is a lightweight, command-line DVD player for Linux and the DXR3 (aka Hollywood+) MPEG-2 decoder boards. It supports all major DVD features, including: menus, navigation, fast forward and backward playback, subtitles and camera angle changes. The player is very conservative on memory usage and tries very hard (and mostly succeeds) to keep video and audio in sync.

dxr3Player also plays DVDs on any X Window System display using the Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL) library.

As of version 0.10, it works with Via's Unichrome (CLE266) chipset, though it is quite experimental.

The software relies on the following other pieces of software:

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Features and limitations

The software implements the following major features currrently:

It also has a few limitations:

The following features are planned:

Hardware requirements

For DXR3-based playback

For SDL-based playback

For Unichrome-based playback


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